Webinar • Training Services about Oil Conditioning Monitoring

Mag. 28 2020

Thursday 28 May  • 14:55 - 16:00


In 2018 Bureau Veritas bought Lubrication Management from IK4-TEKNIKER.

Lubrication Management is a lab focused on research and development for monitoring the condition of the machinery. The experience and platforms developed in the analysis of oils for industrial machinery have led today to the development of a dedicated training project with an international vision.
An effective lubricant management is key factor for a proper operation and maintenance service with useful predictive elements for large savings in terms of costs.

The People Development Center of Bureau Veritas Italia offers a free webinar to illustrate the contents of the new training project in the Oil Conditioning Monitoring.
Bureau Veritas organizes this webinar for introducing specific training paths in this field: for a company, having adequate internal skills for OCM, is an important pillar for operating and maintaining its plants and machineries. The strong know how of Bureau Veritas and its legal entity Lubrication Management is now available with high quality training courses.

You can register at this free webinar until May 27.
After registration you'll receive an e-mail with a link to access to Webinar Room


14:50 Login of the participants
15:00 Presentation of the People Development Center of Bureau Veritas Italia
15:15 The reference context: Lubrication Management
15:30 The dedicated training project
15:50 Questions and answers
16:00 Logout of the participants


Cesare Auberti, Sales Manager People Development Center - Bureau Veritas Italia
Jesús Terradillos, Director of Technological Services at Lubrication Management SL – Bureau Veritas 
Adolfo Malaga, Diagnostician Manager Lubrication Management SL – Bureau Veritas