Language: English

■ In-depth analysis of the requirements that must be fulfilled be compliant with UNI ISO 37001:2016
■ To provide the techniques to conduct an effective risk assessment in the corruption field
■ To provide the techniques and work tools necessary for the construction / implementation / monitoring of the anti-corruption management system
■ To provide the techniques and support work tools for conducting internal audits and for reviewing  the anti-corruption management system

■ General framework on national and international anti-corruption measures
■ The requirements of the UNI ISO 37001:2016 standard and synergies with other ISO standards on management systems and/or MOG 231 / PTPC
■ The identification of processes at risk, risk assessment and the construction of prevention measures in accordance with UNI ISO 37001:2016
■ Internal audits and the design of monitoring systems and information flows to and from the Head of Corruption Prevention
■ Management reporting and SG review
■ Best Practices related to ISO 37001 processes: in particular the Due Diligence in the process of  hiring and evaluating business partners

■ Teacher: Bureau Veritas Qualified Personnel
■ Teaching material: Handout in electronic format containing a copy of the slides used during the course; material for the exercises, copy of the rules necessary for teaching, to be returned at the end of the course
■ Duration: 16 hours
■ Structure: Lesson in classroom/ virtual class

■ Members of the Supervisory Body, Internal Auditor, Risk Manager, Members of the Board of Statutory Auditors/Board of Auditors, Head of Corruption Prevention in accordance with Law 190/12, Managers of Management Systems, Auditor of Management Systems, Consultants

■ Final Exam: Final written test
■ At the end of the course, a Bureau Veritas certificate of achievement will be issued in electronic format in case of a positive test result or a certificate of attendance in case of failure of the exam.