Corso di formazione erogato in collaborazione con Astra-Academy.

ASTRAcademy is an approved FSC Training Provider. 
The ASTRAcademy training programme for FSC auditors is accredited by the FSC accreditation body, Assurance Services International (ASI).

COURSE TYPE: This is a blended course.
Objective 1, below, will be achieved through e-learning, while objective 2 will be achieved through face-to-face training.

Training language: e-learning in English, face-to-face course in Italian.

■ 11-12 January 2024, Milan

Trainee and qualified FSC auditors, industry representatives responsible for FSC chain of custody and independent consultants.

■ 4 days (32 hours): online course (to be done before 11 January 2024), face-to-face course 2 days (16h)

ISO 19011:2018  course certificate

■ Upon successful completion of the course, each participant will receive an ASTRAcademy certificate

1) Understand the specific requirements of the FSC Normative Framework and guidance relating to chain of custody, controlled wood and reclaimed materials.
2) Develop skills relating to certification to FSC chain of custody, controlled wood, trademark use and other standards relevant to FSC COC certification.

Part 1: E-learning on the ASTRAcademy online platform

Trainees will enrol on the e-learning platform on the ASTRAcademy website. 
Alternatively, trainees can also register by sending an e-mail to 
After successful registration, trainees will receive a user name and password, allowing them to log in on the ASTRAcademy e-learning platform. Additionally, trainees receive a link where they can download all background documentation relating to the course. Trainees are expected to study the relevant background documentation before they take the individual online modules.

The online training program (about 16h) consists of various courses, including modules and quizzes. The individual modules consist of a presentation with voice recording, which covers all FSC requirements relating to chain of custody, controlled wood and other FSC normative requirements. The course has been updated to reflect the current content of FSC standards and other normative documents.

Part 2: Face-to-face course
The face to face course (16 hours- 2 days) is aimed at developing skills relating to auditing against FSC standards, using the knowledge acquired through the online course. The face-to- face course includes the following elements:

1) Group discussions about the content of the FSC normative framework and guidelines as presented in the online course. Clarification of concepts and standard elements (whenever required by the group, 15 minutes at the beginning of each exercise).

2) Group discussions, exercises, case studies, and role plays:

  • FSC and ISO standards; The core values of the FSC system

  • Introductory exercise to FSC, forest management and chain of custody certification.

  • Product groups

  • Percentage and Credit system 

  • Multi site chain of custody

  • Sampling for multi–site CoC

  • Controlled wood

  • Outsourcing

  • Critical control points

  • Non-conformities and corrective action requests

  • Report writing

  • The role of auditors in verifying the correct use of the FSC Trademarks by certificate holders.

3) Course evaluation. The face to face course will end with a test. The overall evaluation of each trainee will take into account the following elements:

  • The result of the online course

  • The result of the final test at the end of the face-to-face course

  • Active & meaningful participation in the f-2-f course

Iscrizione entro il 31 Dicembre
■ 1.090 euro + IVA