Bureau Veritas, in partnership with CO3 Srl, a company specialized in combustion and use of fire systems, offers a range of training courses to acquire the knowledge necessary to operate fire equipment in national and international environments.

■ To make operators aware of the importance of the combustion process
■ Optimize the efficiency of the combustion process
■ To deepen the technical and safety aspects related to the optimal use of the equipment involved in the combustion process

■ Introduction to Thermo Dynamics
■ Introduction to Fluid Dynamics and Hydraulics
■ Heat Transfer
■ Combustion Theory and Practice
■ Instrumentation applied to flame equipment
■ Fundamentals of the flame equipment: Heaters, Boilers, Therma Oxidizers, Burners
■ Commissioning and start-up of flame-powered equipment
■ Operation and maintenance of flame-powered equipment
■ Detection and prevention of risks associated with combustion
■ Exercises in class

■ Recipients: End users, Resellers, Maintenance Managers, Energy Managers, etc.
■ Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of topics and equipment; Basic understanding of technical terms

■ Teachers: The courses are held by qualified Bureau Veritas staff in partnership with the company CO3 S.r.l.
■ Educational material: Handout in electronic format containing a copy of the slides used during the course
■ Duration: 3 days (24 hours)
■ Structure: Lecture in the classroom including basic test at the beginning of the course, exercises, final evaluation test; All training courses are available in English or Italian.

■ At the end of the course will be issued a certificate of passing Bureau Veritas exam in case of a positive outcome or a certificate of attendance in case of failure to pass the final exam