Additive manufacturing transforms traditional design and production processes

Apr. 16 2020

Bureau Veritas has launched a voluntary certification scheme to support the fast-growing Additive Manufacturing sector. The Group assists the development of the Industry X.0 by supporting new technological sectors on topics relating to quality, safety and environmental performance.

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Bureau Veritas strongly believes that there is scope for assessing technologies and personnel, for verifying the quality and certifying the products in order to facilitate a wider adoption of and a greater business value from Additive Manufacturing.

Our Additive Manufacturing Position Paper lay down some common definitions, to explain the current state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and technologies, then to illustrate the new Testing, Inspection and Certification services that it implies.
The second part presents the voluntary certification scheme to guarantee and certify the quality and safety in the Additive Manufacturing field.
Bureau Veritas experts carry out assessments throughout the Additive Manufacturing process. They assess raw materials, the manufacturing process, the production system, the prototype, the final product and the qualification of employees.

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